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The project titled SMARTCUL2RE – « Valorization of new media for the promotion and enhancement of cultural resources in the cross – border area» is implemented under the Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece – Albania 2007-2013”, and it is financing by European Union, Greece and Albania.

Main goal of the project is to inform citizens (residents and tourists) about the artistic and cultural life of the cross-border area. For serving this project has implemented a digital platform for all kinds of cultural events and services, and also designed specialized services and applications for mobile phones. Additionally, Smartcul2re seeks:

  • The establishment of a collaboration network between cultural associations, Local Authorities Organizations, citizens and entrepreneurs of touristic sector into the cross-border area.
  • The creation of a common resource of the cross-border’s digital cultural material, where it will be approached as a single product.
  • The provision of innovative tools and services to the citizens (residents and tourists) where interesting for culture.
  • Enhance the cultural exchange at the cross-border area through the implementation of common cultural events.
  • Encouragement of cultural dialogue which will bring the awareness of citizens for the common cultural identity at the area of interest.
  • The development of local stakeholders’ skills (personnel of organizations, tourism entrepreneurs, society of citizens) regarding the utilization of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) and the opportunities that are created for local development through the common cultural actions.

Apart from the Manicipality of Kastoria, the Region of the Ionian Islands as as Leader Partner of the Project, the Manicipality of Gjirokaster and the Manicipality of Delvino from Albania, also participate in the Project.